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area? >> well, part of our battle plan -- it really is a battle plan that we have. we have a snow plan for each airport. we spend a lot of time planning and training to get ready for storms like this. you can't ever forget that you also have to do the roads. and so we do -- we're responsible for both the runways and taxiways as well as the roads leading into the airport. now i probably can't help you with the long island expressway, but the roads when you get to our airport, we're very conscious of the fact that they have to be ready as well. and we have a whole team that has worked all night long in keeping our roads in good shape. >> susan baer, thank you very much. very positive outlook coming to us from the major airports and the new york port authority. thank you. >> you're welcome. bye.
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thank you very much for starting your morning with us, on what can be a difficult morning for many people as they try to struggle through all of what is happening with the snow that's coming down. let's go right now to ashleigh banfield from darian, connecticut. ashleigh, how are you? >> reporter: well, it is very, very snowy here, marty. i was taking the drive because the media was allowed to be on the roads last night but everybody else wasn't. between greenwich, connecticut, and darian, connecticut, on that 95 corridor as you look at your map all the way to new haven and beyond. and i have never been on a freeway like that, with five cars over the course of about a 45-minute drive, driving about 25, 30 miles an hour. if you've ever imagined 95
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looking like a farmer's field, that's what it looked like, trying to make headway throughout the night. it was about 12:00 midnight, 1:00 am. just look i said, absolutely remarkable to see that people really did, for the most part, heed the travel ban warnings. that may be why we're not getting as many reports of huge traffic pileups or even accidents that might have been critical or lethal. i saw not one accident. again, i only passed five cars in total in 45 minutes. you can see your map, this thing is just monstrous. my own home is blanketed in two feet of snow. the boughs are so laden, i'm worried about snapping branches. that's what connecticut worries about when we talk about these massive power outages. you know, millions of people are going to be without power.
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i'm usually one of the first ones to lose t i've got power this morning, which is terrific. i don't know about you and your canadian upbringing but i was shoveling about a foot and a half of snow from midnight till 1:00 am last night to try to get ahead of it, which is exactly what those plows have been doing. they've been out constantly just trying to stay ahead of it. once you get too deep, it starts to become a far greater job to clear those roadways. >> it is always better to do a little bit at a time than trying to take it on all at once. ashleigh banfield talking about what sounds like an incredible drive in connecticut. look how big this storm is. check it out from space. this is what nasa shows us, what looks like a hurricane, really, packing winds of 65 miles per hour or more in some places. wind combining with heavy snow knocking out power, as you heard. this morning we've been told
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that 650,000 people, businesses and homes, are without power across the northeast in nine states. more than half of those are in -- power outages, that is -- in the state of massachusetts. this storm has claimed at least one person's life in upstate new york in a car crash. hundreds of people were stranded on highways in long island. rescue crews struggled to get to those people. this storm has caused more than 1,700 flights to be canceled today. and that number is expected to increase. so, we have been following that for you now. we want to turn to poppy harlow, standing by. i believe she's in providence, rhode island. take it away. >> reporter: good morning, marty. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. quite pleasant here, relatively speak i speaking. the snow has slowed down, wind gusts are no more, at least for now. providence, rhode island, turning a corner after a bitter,
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bitter storm with really torrential rain/snow pellets coming at us all night long. that caused a big issue here, which the city of providence, the state of rhode island is trying to deal with this morning. that is massive power outages, wet, thick snow falling on trees, on power lines. it means about nearly 200,000 homes here in rhode island are without power. that is what they're dealing with at this hour. some good news, some of those bridges out to places like newport, rhode island, have reopened. they closed late last night because of these sustained 58-mile-per-hour wind gusts we were getting. those have reopened. i-95, that huge interstate through massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island still closed, though. roads here in providence closed a's well since 5:00 eastern right now. illegal to be out driving on them. stay home. even though it looks better, stay home. we had a chance last night to hang out with this guy, let's bring him into the picture, colonel pete gaynor, who heads
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emergency transportation. snow plows, gps tracking their every move. you were up all night. give us a sense of the situation now here in providence and broader rohode island. where does it stand? >> it's been a long night. today will be even a longer day. our crews are now working probably in excess of 24 hours. so, we're pretty happy about primary roads in the city. again, our goal is to keep people off the roads so we can get them from curb to curb. that's our goal. we ask residents to be patient. it's going to take a while to get to that neighborhood surface road. >> reporter: the biggest concern for anyone who doesn't have power right now is when is it going to come back on. they've likely lost their heat. do we have any reading on how long it will take the power to get back up? >> crews are staged, ready to go. i imagine now with the wind dying down and the weather
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improving they're priebl out there right now, starting the restoration process. we ask you to be patient. we hope to get big blocks of power turned back on. again it's a slow process. the weather, you're fighting it every inch of the way. >> do you have a read? is it going to be 24 hours, 48? are we talking about weeks? in the wake of superstorm sandy, people are concerned, will they be weeks without power? >> i wouldn't think weeks. couple of days at the most. for the most part they have a great plan, trying to restore the biggest block first. >> sure. >> if you are without power, make sure you call national grid and let them know you do not have power. otherwise they don't know. >> reporter: i want to get to my colleague, susan candiotti, who is in boston. boston got dumped on even more than we did in providence. over 400,000 without power. susan, is it subsiding a bit where you are? >> reporter: well, it comes and
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it goes. sometimes we get those powerful wind gusts and then, like now, it seems a bit calm. certainly the snow is much flake yer, lighter than it was during all day yesterday and into the night, when it was that heavy, wet snow that you can easily make a snowball out of. now we are sitting back, because we're noticing that the winds are expected to pick up during the day. and that means -- that, combined with the lighter snow, authorities will be looking for a lot of drifting to happen and that could create even more problems, of course, as people try to clean up after this. to give you an indicatioindicat is the latest measurement we've got with our yardstick, counting about 14" here. we learned from the folks out at logan international airport, they got -- let's see. it was a foot of snow since midnight, between midnight and this hour. that's how much of a dump they got in the overnight hours of
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snow coming down. now, over my shoulder, you can see jst a bit of boston harbor, with all those boats in port. they stayed where they were. and they seem to be no worse for the wear. but wate the water, as you can see, is fairly calm. no big waves there. of course, it's protected, obviously, from -- we're not close to massachusetts bay there. that's why we're seeing the water look that way. but on the streets, people are abiding by that rule, poppy. they're to stay off the road. that make ace lot of sense. unless you have a critical job that you need to get to, if you're an emergency vehicle -- obviously the snow plows are out. you are ordered to stay off the road and it looks like for now people are following that rule. poppy, back to you. >> suture, thank you so much. appreciate it. same here. we're in downtown providence in front of city hall. it is still a ghost town. you don't see anyone out walking
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about here. they are staying inside, which is good. power crews have to get to the lines and get power back up for the folks who lost it. i'll send it back to you now, marty. >> thanks, poppy. hundreds of cars are stuck in the snow on the long island expressway and sunrise highway. the roads are closed now step to anybody who has an emergency vehicle. some people were forced, though, to sleep in their cars overnight. police say most of them have now been rescued and they say most drivers apparently didn't heed the warnings they've been putting out there to stay off the roads. this blizzard has knocked out power to about 650,000 customers across nine states. in some places, take a look at the map there, including parts of new york and massachusetts, electricity has already been restored to a few thousand lucky households and businesses. other states, maine, new jersey among them, they have seen their outage numbers climb in the past two hours, especially in maine
5:11 am
where it's expected to get worse. one power company official who has 100 or so customers in upstate new york. >> we expect that most will be restored 24 hours from the time they report their outage. >> and you can bet a lot of people had the clock ticking to see if that truly will bear out. more than 1,700 flights have been canceled today according to flight aware tracking. so far, several airports are still closed. boston logan's airport is closed until 3:00 eastern and no flights until tomorrow. a short while ago you heard there is good news, that flights are beginning to land again at some of those airports in new york. remember, if you're heading on a flight, even if you're not in ap area that's being impacted by snow right now, check your flight ahead of time. make sure it's still going. there are a number of websites where you can do that. you have to really make sure it's going to go before you head
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to the airport. if you are stuck at home, count on us to bring you some of the amazing pictures that many other people have been out in the weather bringing and snapping. these are just a few of the shots. how many times have you had your umbrella do that to you? this is just what the blizzard looked like in places like boston and new york. we know hartford, connecticut, has been getting hard-hit by this storm. i want to show you a live picture there. in most places they have two feet of snow or more. we talked to the mayor earlier, who said that snow was falling about four inches an hour staggering right, far above the ability of snow crews to keep ahead of the roads by plowing. meteorologist alexandra steele has been following this. they are hoping that that snow machine will stop at some point, alexandra. >> oh, it will. new york will stop first, then
5:13 am
connecticut, boston. it does seem like connecticut has been kind of ground zero for the three feet of snow. look at some of these numbers. it wasn't just the shore line, madis madison, milford. bridge port, 30," hamden, 34 off the 91 corridor. if you're in central connecticut or the shore line between 2 1/2, three feet. madison, 32" of snow. we are going to see this end. the back side is kind of in new york now. we'll watch that taper off this morning. and then in connecticut. bigger picture on long island, 27.5 inches. ston stoneybrook, worcester, mass. it wasn't just new york, massachusetts, connecticut. boston, 21.8 inches. where we see the hefty totals is where the snow was the most dynamic, coming down at two, three, four inches an hour.
5:14 am
the snow was incredible. the winds were as well. look at what we saw in connecticut, 81-mile-an-hour wind gusts at the airport, 76 in boston. as marty showed you earlier, it looks like a hurricane from space but also hurricane-force winds certainly were part of the picture. it is ending in northwest connecticut, you can see clearing there. clearing in southern new york, hudson valley, bridgeport coming to an end. we will see it end from west to east. i-84 clears out, 91 and then places southeast of new york and then toward, of course, rhode island and massachusetts coming later. here is the picture this morning. here is this area of low pressure. this is the time span, the future radar. moving and watching. we'll see this storm by this afternoon, you can see we're cleared out of new york, connecticut. still the cape and the islands this afternoon, still seeing the snow. but even as we head toward 10:00 tonight, snow will be done but the winds will still be a
5:15 am
player, blowing all this snow around. look at these wind gusts we're expecting, 47. 41-mile-per-hour gust at 10:00 tonight in boston. that certainly will factor in to the airlines and the airports, kind of getting in gear and resuming. by sunday we will see things certainly calm. the next 18 hours, where is the snow? we'll still see it here in southeastern connecticut and also here through portland, into maine. perhaps maybe another 5 to 7 inches. for the most part, the heavy snow is done in new york, new jersey and connecticut as well. martin, certainly the winds will be a big player still even when the snow ends. >> that does make it a problem to get rid of that snow. >> some of these totals in the 30s. 30 inches incredible in connecticut. >> it is. alexandra, thank you so much for keeping us up dated. other news now. big announcement by aol. they announced an increase in revenues in the fourth quarter. so, why is this big? well, it's the first overall growth in eight years for aol.
5:16 am
they say an increase in ad sales is responsible for the uptick. michelle obama will attend today's funeral for 15-year-old ad adiapendleton. she was gunned down a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. she had no gang affiliation, was likely not even the intended target. we'll have a report from chicago coming up later this morning. a judge in cleveland sentenced an amish man behind the beard cutting attacks to 15 years in prison. several of his followers received shorter sentences. wikileaks founder julian assange has waded into the drone debate, slamming the u.s. government saying it has the right to kill, that is, u.s. citizens perceived to be, quote, imminent terror threats, unquote. for the huntative suspected
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. fenway park, which is now
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covered with a lot of snow, as is much of the northeast. and that, of course, is the big story we're following and continue to follow right here on cnn. we want to bring in the mayor right now of hamden, connecticut. he joins us on the phone. mayor, i understand you have something like 34 inches of snow on the ground there. how are you doing? >> well, it's a disaster. we have 240 miles of road, about 61,000 residents and at some point the plows become ineffective. you actually have to move the snow. we're moving snow with loaders now as opposed to doing the strict plowing that we usually do. >> and aside from that, of course, i know that the roads are closed. people, hopefully, are staying off the roads. right? >> absolutely. you're not going to be able to get anywhere. the roads are impassable. the governor of connecticut, n daniel malloy has closed the
5:21 am
roads. >> that sounds like a job that's going to take more than, say, the weekend. >> we'll know a little bit better probably toward midday today what our proposed timelines are. fortunately, we're having good weather now. fortunately, this did not turn into a power disaster like our last several storms. we have had local electrical utility embedded and three out of 26,000 customers are currently out. so, it's not a power issue, but as long as people stay off the roads, businesses are closed, everything is closed. stay home and let our public works guys do their job. >> very good advice. that is the mayor of hamden, connecticut. they've got about 34 inches on the ground. scott jackson, thank you very much for joining us on the telephone this morning. >> take care. now out to the west coast, he was once one of the lapd's own. now christopher dorner is the focus of an intense police manhunt, the former cop accused of killing three people and
5:22 am
wounding two others and it's feared he plans to strike again. nick valencia is in los angeles. bring us up to speed. where are things as far as the search that's going on in big bear lake? >> reporter: that search is focused about 100 miles east of here, two hours east of downtown los angeles. that search was scaled back last night because of unfavorable weather. they're dealing with somebody, chris torner, who has survivalist training, but dealing with tough, winter weather conditions. there are helicopters that could fly but they can't fly in this really, really tough conditions there. but they're expected to resume their search in just over an hour here, as soon as the sun comes up, as soon as we see daybreak. right now that operation is scaled back. martin? >> you know, you mentioned that heavy snow. as these crews start to go out and start searching, what are they looking for? are they going to go to the cabins or the mountains? what exactly will they search? >> reporter: that's a really
5:23 am
good question. yesterday they conducted searches of some abandoned cabins. about an eight-square-mile area. big bear is a popular ski resort, lot of skiers, snowboarders are traveling to the area this time of year. they're concentrating in an eight-square-mile area. if you remember dorner's pickup truck was found on thursday, that torched, burned out pickup truck. no word on what evidence came of that investigation into the pickup truck. but they are concentrating it there in that eight-square-mile area. really tough weather conditions for the search teams, martin. >> are they really certain he may be there? in other words, could this somehow have been a rouse to disguise and his movements are going some place else? >> reporter: i asked commander andy smith that yesterday, about whether or not this burned-out pickup was a diversion. some people have suggested he may have remotely detonated this pickup truck. the fact is that in press conferences yesterday, local
5:24 am
authorities there in san bernadina county has said that's the last known tangible evidence of the whereabouts of chris dorner, there in big bear. that's where they're concentrating their search right now. the anxiety can be felt throughout the entire city here in los angeles. i think all of us at some point have looked behind our backs to sort of look for dorner. but that anxiety is lingering throughout the city. even though that investigation is focused more than 100 miles away. >> i bet a lot of people are. nick valencia, thank you very much for the update. it is travel chaos at airports in the northeast. hundreds of flights already canceled. that's just the beginning of it. we'll take you live to reagan national. that will be next. great, everybody made it.
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good morning, everyone. happy saturday. thank you for joining us. if you're waking up on the east coast in new england, you're waking up to this, whiteout conditions. very beautiful, though. live from providence, rhode island, we've been reporting throughout this massive blizzard. i want to pan over and show you just where we are. this is downtown providence. city hall over there, major office buildings, bank of america right there and not a soul in sight. this is how it has been all night. people staying home, which is good because of the blizzard conditions, the roads just starting to get cleared. i do have some news for you, though. the governor, who we spoke with
5:29 am
earlier, lincoln chaffey, governor of rhode island has put a ban on nonemergency vehicles. this is temporary but it's because they want to get the power crews out to fix all these downed power lines. we've got a lot of power lines that went down, tree that is went down, about 187,000 homes in rhode island without power, about a fifth of the population no power, no heat. they need to get them back up and running. that is the condition here in providence. things have really turned the corner. we'll have know here until 2:00 eastern time. we've got almost two feet of snow here. all righty. i want to take you live to boston. susan candiotti is there. more snow than we do here. susan, how is it looking? actually, we'll get to susan in a moment. folks, we're going to go to zain asher in new york city. zain, new york really spared in all of this, especially manhattan. not as bad as many people expected. >> reporter: poppy, not as bad
5:30 am
at all. i've been out here since 5:00 in the morning. when i got here, it was quite dark outside. i didn't see anybody on the streets. now, new york is starting to look a bit more like new york. my producer and i, brian, we actual wandered down 8th avenue not too long ago. we bumped into some people and said what's it like coping in the blizzard and they looked at me and simply said what blizzard? i think it sums up just how resilient new yorkers are, how thick skinned they are. we got 11" of snow here, which is half the amount we got three years ago during the blizzard of 2010. we also, back then, had more cars stuck in the snow, more buses stuck in the snow. this time, poppy, the city really isn't taking any chances. i know you mention eed a lot of the snow plows are being fitted with gps tracking devices. you can go online to figure out when your street is going to get plowed. we have had some transportation issues. i actually saw a couple of taxis get stuck in the snow. the bottom line is if you don't have to be outside, if you're
5:31 am
not going to work, it is best to stay indoors. poppy? >> absolutely. outside of the city there have been real problems. long island expressway, highway surrounding new york city, very ba backed up. a lot of stranded vehicles. even if it looks good outside your window, don't let that fool you. make sure to stay inside. if you're going to go out in manhattan, take the subway. it's running. no need to get into a cab or car or drive around until they get the roads cleared. folks, if you had a flight, sorry. if it was going out of d.c. or boston or new york, you've probably got an issue. ren rene marsh is there. >> reporter: you are definitely right, poppy, you probably have an issue. there are flights in and out of reagan but if you are going to the northeast, you are going nowhere fast. many cancellations at reagan, 83
5:32 am
arrivals and departures canceled. many of those because of the weather. now we know, and we met firsthand folks who know what it's all about when you're stuck and you cannot go to your destination. prime example, my friend here, randy. randy, you are trying to get to portland, maine, right? >> that's correct. >> reporter: tell me what's your situation here? when did you get to the airport? when were you supposed to leave and what's next for you? >> i came in from seattle on a business trip and been here for a week. my floois flight was supposed to depart last night at 10:00, rescheduled till 10:00 this morning. now that's canceled and they're telling me i won't be leaving the reagan airport until monday morning at 10:00. >> reporter: you spent the night here at reagan, is that right? >> i did. >> reporter: your destination, portland, maine? you're going there to visit family? >> i am. we have a family reunion. just talked to my mother. she said the wind is howling, the snow is coming down and she can't open her door. >> reporter: look outside.
5:33 am
you've got a lot of sun here except you're stuck inside. >> i look at the clear tarmac, blue skies. sun's out. 300 miles away, it's amazing it's so blufrting. >> reporter: thank you for talking with us. i hope you get to your destination soon. those are the kind of stories we're seeing here at reagan. if you're going to the northeast, you're out of luck. back to you. >> i got some advice for randy. leave the airport. ditch the airport. head to our nation's capital, see the sights. enjoy it. if you sit in there till monday he does not want to be in the airport anymore. appreciate it. folks, we are expecting to hear live from the mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg in a few minutes. we'll take a quick break and be right back with that. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. more than 1,750 flights have been canceled today according to flight aware tracking. boston airport closed at least until 3:00 pm eastern and no flights until tomorrow. new york's airports a little bit better there. they're now open but you still need to check your flight. bradley airport in connecticut remains closed. be sure, as whoa say, to check with your airline, your air carrier and the airport before you head out. this blizzard has knocked out power to about 650,000 customers across nine states. in some places, including parts of new york and massachusetts, electricity has already been restored to a few thousand lucky households and businesses. but other states, maine and new jersey among them, have seen
5:38 am
their outage numbers climb in the past two hours. now i want you to take a close look at this exclusive cnn footage of a dangerous foout fugitive on the run in california. that is christopher dorner at a police academy shooting range during his times a cadet. now dorner is on the other side of the law, on the run after allegedly killing three people in a twisted mission of revenge against the lapd who, he says, unjustly let him go. despite that intense manhunt, the 33-year-old remains free and investigators are focusing now their efforts on abandoned ca n cabins high up in the cold, snowy mountains east of los angeles. cnn legal contributor paul callan joins me now for more. have you ever heard of a case like this, paul? it's almost something you would expect to come out of hollywood. >> it sounds like a hollywood script. i was a homicide prosecutor here in new york, involved in serial killer cases.
5:39 am
this is the scariest one i've ever seen. he is a trained, military guy, lieutenant in the navy. he is a trained police officer and he's holding off, literally, thousands of cops who are searching for him. so very, very dangerous, very scary situation. >> and i'm hoping that he turns himself in and there is no more violence. but if he were to be caught, what possible defense could he have? >> the thing i'm concerned about as far as lieutenant dorner is -- i call him lieutenant because he was a military man. he is facing the death penalty if he does not voluntarily surrender. obviously, he is familiar with the concept of suicide by cop, which is you fight the police with weapons. they're going to shoot you. that's what's going to happen to him at some point in time when he's found. so the death penalty is a certainty with him if he does not voluntarily surrender. on the other hand, if he contacts a lawyer, if he
5:40 am
contacts a member of the media -- i was reading his manifesto, which is 13 or 14 pages. he's a guy who really follows the news. he comments about every major issue you could possibly imagine, political and social, in this manifesto. he is tuned in to what's going on in society and if he reaches out to somebody in the media or a defense attorney, you know, he can come out of this alive. and a defense attorney can put together some kind of a defense for him. but, you know, he is looking at death otherwise. so, you know, that's the only honorable end for him, would be to voluntarily surrender. >> prosecutors, what are they doing to bring this case together? >> well, because this is a multijurisdictional case -- he has crossed county lines. he is traveling -- his victim list, which includes about 40 people includes victims all over the country. so, you have potential
5:41 am
prosecutors from multiple jurisdictions who could be prosecuted. what that means in the end, martin, is that the prosecutors are not heavily involved in this at this point. they're leaving this to police officers and to police commissioners in these various district districts and federal authorities as well. so i think this is a law enforcement case right now. i don't think you're going to see heavy prosecutorial involvement until he surrenders. if he contacts the prosecutor's office or an attorney, you'll get the lawyers involved and his life will be spared. but if he leaves this as a military, law enforcement operation, death is going to be a certainty for lieutenant dorner. >> let's hope he chooses to turn himself in. paul callan, thank you very much for your insights. >> thank you, martin. hadiya pendleton, the teen gunned down a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. she will be buried in chicago today. we're taking a special look at her young life that ended so soon. [ female announcer ] with0 delicious progresso soups
5:42 am
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5:45 am
you are look at live pictures of downtown boston where it's pretty much a monochromatic world. most of that is just white. vehicles you see are supposed to be just emergency vehicles. that's just one snapshot of what you've been looking at if you're waking up in boston and new york. if you're stuck at home, of course, you can also remember, you can count on us and other people to bring amazing pictures from our ireporters. and they really have been doing a great job. remember, don't risk anything getting us those photos. we appreciate them greatly, but your safety is our biggest concern. other news now. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. has signed a
5:46 am
deal with prosecutors. the son of the well-known civil rights leader was under investigation for misusing campaign funds. details of that deal are unknown. according to local reports out of chicago, he could still face prison time. a judge in cleveland sentenced an amish man behind a string of beard-cutting attacks to 15 years in prison. convicted of hate crimes, kidnapping and conspiracy. several of his followers received shorter sentences. at least 12 people were killed earlier saturday when a bus carrying fans of one of chile's top soccer teams careened off the side of the road south of the capital city of santiago, chile. it happened at 2:00 am when the driver apparently lost control and the bus plummeted 100 feet, carrying 45 fans of the ohigans soccer team. michelle obama will attend today's funeral for 15-year-old
5:47 am
hadiya pendleton, chicago honor student and band majorette was gunned down a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. athena jones is following the story in chicago. this is a heartbreaking story. >> reporter: it really is. the first lady was heart broken to learn about the death of hadiya pendleton, according to her office. she wanted to come here to this funeral today to offer her condolences to pendleton's family and loved ones. first lady michelle obama is returning to her hometown to attend the funeral of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, a bystander shot dead in the chicago park a week after she performed at the president's inauguration. vice president biden memoriali e memorialized the young honor student in a speech to house democrats. >> this was no ordinary child.
5:48 am
she was a child who had used social media, urging her friends to speak out, don't join gangs. and now she's -- >> we apologize for interrupting that report. mayor bloomberg of new york is speaking now on the blizzard. let's listen. >> the storm brought plenty of snow, about a foot in a lot of areas of new york city, but we certainly avoided the worst of it. and our thoughts go out to the people in connecticut and rhode island, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont and maine. they've gotten an enormous amount of snow and their snow continues to come down. if we can do anything to help them, we certainly will. i talked to governor cuomo this morning. eastern long island got a lot more snow than we did. and we've talked and i said anything th anything, if they need equipment from us and manpower, we would be happy to do it. deputy mayor of operations has been talking to the governor's
5:49 am
office and i don't know that they're going to need us but we certainly will make sure that we provide whatever they need. we should not forget that when we were in trouble, the country came to our aid and we want to make sure that we do the same. our department of sanitation was out all night and will be working all day to clear the streets. the sanitation workers behind us here in queens work hard, as do all the men and women of the sanitation department. the number of plows i saw go by this morning, quite amazing. there's enormous amount of resources on the streets. not just sanitation department, but parks department, department of transportation, private contractors providing plows and tow trucks. we towed maybe half a dozen cars all night but we had probably 150 tow trucks ready to go. better to be safe than sorry. we have roughly 2,200 pieces of equipment plowing and salting in total. and virtually all primary
5:50 am
streets have been plowed and all city streets, we think, will be plowed by the end of the day. the main roads, the highways are all clear. and the primary roads in the city may be snow covered but we think virtual ly all of them hae been plowed. you can go to go to plow new york. it will show you within time periods the last time a plow came down your street. if you live on a tertiary street and we haven't gotten to you yet, by the end of the day we think we'll get to everyone. our message is please don't drive. stay off the roads. our plows can go down the streets much quicker and do a much better job if they have a straight shot. if they have to stop and go around cars or there are stuck cars that keep them from going down streets it doesn't lead to good results. we are bringing in extra snow laborers to shovel our crosswalks, bus stops and fire
5:51 am
hydrants. what you might do if you live near the corner of a street and if you are strong and healthy, don't try it if you're old or there's any health risks. if you shovel out that street corner, open up a drain yourself, that would help everybody. let's you cross but also lets all your neighbors get around. nypd has been checking on families impacted by sandy who still do not have heat. there were absolutely no requests to relocate. if you're cold and you start shivering, pick up the phone, 911. we want to get somebody there very quickly. that can be fatal. >> you're listening to new york mayor michael bloomberg as he sort of summarizes what appears to be a fairly good situation in new york city, perhaps not getting hit as hard as they feared. and it looks like the city will be able to rebound. they're asking the people to stay off the streets for now to allow the plows to continue to do their work. we'll take a break and be back with more after this. ♪
5:52 am
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5:55 am
boston. you can see the piles up there along the waterfront. still, pretty picture, actually, on a saturday morning. thank you very much for being with us. how about a little entertainment news now? this is, of course, grammy weekend. elite from the world of music are gathering to honor the best of the year. cnn entertainment correspondent initi nischelle turner reports, this is about new blood. >> reporter: we are young, that could be the theme of the 55th annual grammy awards. >> it's been an incredible year in music. >> reporter: this year the spotlight isn't on veterans like springsteen or dillon. it's about fun. black keys, mumford and sons,
5:56 am
frank ocean and jack white. ♪ >> reporter: they're all nominated for album of the year and they're all in their 20s or 30s. ♪ i will wait i will wait for you ♪ >> reporter: in addition, mumford and sons, going into sunday's ceremony with six nods a piece, matched by hip hop jay-z and kanye west. but this past year, attention was focused on the breakout stars. most notably, fun. power pop trio from new york and frank ocean, new orleans r & b singer who shot to stardom with this emotional performance on late night with jimmy fallon where he sang about an unrequieted love with another man ♪ to be in love someone who could never love you ♪ >> reporter: both ocean and fun
5:57 am
are nominated for best new artist along with hunter hayes. >> my first record, my debut record. >> reporter: blues rock group, alabama shakes. >> two years ago, what were you guys doing, working at the postal service? >> yes. i was delivering postal mail. >> reporter: and folk rock trio, the lumineers. >> went from sleeping in people's -- friend's houses and going to like six people to a hotel room to now like grammy nominations. ♪ and as long as i got my suit and tie i'm gonna leave it all on the floor tonight ♪ >> reporter: on sunday look for justin timberlake's first grammy performance in four years. rihanna caused her to cancel in 2009 after an altercation with chris brown. bruno mars, sting and rihanna. nischelle turner, cnn, los angeles. some say beyonce won the super bowl after her
5:58 am
performance. it's been a most memorable year for the superstar. new baby and upcoming tour. finding her destiny looks at the singer's rise. stay tuned for that 8:00 pm eastern. cnn's coverage of the blizzard blanketing the northeast continues right after this break. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
5:59 am
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6:01 am
cnn's live team coverage of the blizzard blanketing the the blizzard blanketing the northeast continues right now.
6:02 am
-- captions by vitac -- morning, everyone. i'm martin savidge, in for randi kaye and victor blackwell. it is 9:00 on the east coast. that is 6:00 am out west. thank you very much for starting your day with us. welcome to our international viewers, who are just now joining us this hour. here are three stories we're watching. the blizzard that dumps more than three feet of snow in some cities is slowly starting to make its way out to sea. but 650,000 people are now waking up today without power and likely with no heat. all the wind and snow is making travel pretty much a nightmare. in california, search teams plan to head back out to big bear lake. that's when daylight breaks. they are on the hunt for a suspected cop killer. that's christopher jordan dorner, suspected of killing three people, a police officer and a daughter of a retired
6:03 am
officer. michelle obama will attend a funeral for 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, chicago honor student and band majorette was gunned down a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. we'll have a report from chicago coming up later this morning. now back to the blizzard. cnn crews are covering this story from just about every angle you could think of. some have been knee-de deep in snow from boston to new york to rhode island. poppy harlow is in downtown providence. how are you doing, poppy? >> reporter: better than last night. winds have died down. the snow is very light at this point. it's a beautiful scene here in providence, rhode island. it was a heck of a storm last night, that is for sure. really just torrential, whipping, wet snow. it has changed since then. the big issue here this morning, folks, is power. we knew this was going to happen when we felt that heavy, wet snow late last night. warmer temperatures kept it that way. it weighed on power lines, on
6:04 am
trees. you wake up this morning to a whiteout. then it gets a little lighter. you have about a fifth of the population across rhode island without any power. here in providence a little over 7,000 homes without power. i want to bring in a man who is dealing with all of it right now, the mayor of providence is joining us now. thank you for being here, mayor. appreciate it. let's talk about the power issue. that's issue number one. we were at the command center with you last night. you said, look, this is what i'm really worried about. it happened. what are you doing? >> we're working very closely with national grid to try to get people back up as quickly as possible, get the electricity back on as quickly as possible and just as we were waiting for this interview, we were sending plows in response to the request from national grid. they needed it in order to address an issue in paa part of our city. we're working very closely with them. the weather is such that it's safer for them to be out. one of the issues we had last night, as you know, the wind was so strong, conditions were so
6:05 am
bad, you could not have people out in conditions like that. >> what's interesting, too, in the last hour or so, folks, the governor of rhode island, lincoln chaffey, has banned all traffic except for emergency essential vehicles from all the roads. that's mainly to get the plows where they need to be and power companies, utilities there to get the trees off the lines and get them back up and running. do we have any sense of how long these folks are going to be without power? >> we don't have a clear sense on that. one thing i can tell people specifically in providence is that we're working around the clock to make that happen as quickly as possible. i can tell you that national grid has been with us throughout the night and has focused in on the sights and we're doing everything we can to get as many people -- get their power back on as quickly as possible. >> i know they're going to focus on the locations where, if they just get one tree off the line, get that back up, thousands of people go back online. they are working in that way. i have to ask you, some folks have told me this morning, yes, we got a lot of snow here.
6:06 am
yes, it's still coming down. overall, this wasn't as bad as many expected. do you say you feel the same way? >> you know, until we have everyone's power back on, until we have every street cleared, you know, i can't rest. so, you know, that's something that citizens can say, but the mayor is focused on making sure we get everyone back on in terms of power and making sure that all the streets are clear and we have a lot of work to do before that's done. i expect it will be at least -- at least 24 hours before we can clear all the streets in the city and some of the secondary roads may take a little bit longer, given the amount of snow and how heavy it is. so, it's a lot more work to do. >> reporter: mayor, thank you. appreciate it. if you are here in providence, rhode island, massachusetts, connecticut, stay off the roads so they can get the power back up. they have very good technology we saw at play last night. gps on all the tractor trailers, plows around here, emergency vehicles. it can follow their every step, see where they are, where they need to be. that's why this process is a lot
6:07 am
easier now than the cleanup after the great blizzard of 1978. we haven't seen anything this bad since all the way back then. let's check in with susan candiotti, my colleague, who is in boston where they got dumped on even more than we did here in providence. susan? >> reporter: hi, poppy. that's right. they measure d the snow at loga international airport here, which is just over my shoulder and that way. in any case, they measured a foot of snow between midnight and 8:00 this morning. so, how do you like that? when we use our own measuring stick here, we are seeing anywhere from 14" to depending where we go here in columbus park in downtown boston, anywhere from 14 up to 21" i've measured in parts of this park as well. the snow is still coming down. sometimes sideways. we are still getting very strong gusts. and the snow has changed consistency. it is now a very -- has gone from being a wet snow to a very
6:08 am
white, fluffy snow here. you can tell this is going to create snow drifts as the day goes on and these high winds stay in effect. the temperature has dropped. it's now in the teens with windchill factor of only one or two degrees. much colder than it was on friday. also power outages have been massive across the state, just about the 400,000 range of homes and businesses as well. and as you come around this morning, you can see over here, over my shoulder, there is a bit of boston harbor. all those boats stayed in port. and they seem no worse for the wear. water is not moving very much. that's the first wildlife we've seen out there in the water poking their heads up as well. a lot of people are not allowed on the roads, not allowed to go anywhere but out walking the dogs. there's a little one getting a sleigh ride as well. joining us here is joy and the little one is virginia.
6:09 am
you've got over here rody, the goldendoodle, combination of -- >> golden retriever and poodle. >> reporter: what was it like for you, last night, watching the storm from home? >> so much fun. streets were empty here in the north end and we found the one place in the neighborhood that was open for dinner and -- yeah, we had a lot of fun. >> reporter: why are you out this morning? it's awfully cold. >> i have to walk the dog. >> reporter: no choice there, right? >> right. my husband is out of town so the baby came with me. >> reporter: that's it. how do you think the city will come through this storm? how long do you think it will take to get back on track? >> it's a big storm. but i think the city knows what they're doing and they'll be ready to go by monday. >> reporter: sure seems like that may be the case. they certainly have a lot of experience at getting through these things. that's right. thank you very much for joining us and waiting around, because it's kind of nasty out here. poppy, it seems like bostonians
6:10 am
will come through it. still there's a lot of serious work ahead, lot of downed power lines and power outages as we mentioned. a few people have sought shelter state wide. not many. 50 or so. that's good news. but they are trying to get around and see what the damage is and rescue people who need help. of course, in low-lying coastal flooding areas, there are some difficulties there as well. so, authorities have a lot to keep their eye on. back to you, poppy, in providence. >> reporter: absolutely. kudos to that mom, out with the little baby and the dog early in the morning, walking around despite the snow. good for her. still pretty empty here in providence. wonder when they're going to get out of bed and check it out for themselves. tough bostonians up there. let's send it back to you now, marty, in atlanta. >> thank you, poppy, very much. connecticut was pounded by that storm. in some places they got about three feet of snow. let's take a live picture now from hartford. most places there have two feet of snow or more. we talked to the mayor earlier,
6:11 am
who said snow was falling about four inches an hour last night. that's an incredible rate. city crews have been struggling to keep the snow off the streets. snow will be falling there several more hours. meteorologist alexandra steele is following this for us. >> 38 inches in bridgeport, connecticut. what happened, really, it seems the sweet spot of this storm has been connecticut. and really kind of a slice right through the middle. almost along 91 and then 95 along the coast. 38 inches in bridgeport. the sun has come up. the winds are winding down and the snow is winding down as well. for the most part, i'll show you the timeline. new york is ending this morning. boston will end by this afternoon. and then it will all be over, even in maine by tonight. is tls lip, new york, getting hit harder than new york city, 11". 27 in islin. worcester, mass, 27. it wasn't just a connecticut thing.
6:12 am
although they have seen the highest totals at three feet plus. boston, 21.8 inches there. it is winding down. lit litchfield county, it's ended there. we'll wind down in eastern long island. we'll watch this end from west to east. with that, showing you through the afternoon -- you can see by 11:00, 12:00 this afternoon where this area of low pressure is off the coast. everything will have certainly wound down in terms of the snow, but the winds still -- certainly not the 70 and 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts we've seen and saw last night around midnight but still 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts blowing, martin, all that fresh snow around. it is ending. we've seen the worst of it through connecticut. then it all pushes eastward. >> alexandra, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. hundreds of cars are stuck in the snow along the long island expressway. those roads are closed to everyone except emergency crews this morning.
6:13 am
no word on when they'll reopen. some people were forced to sleep in their cars overnight. police say most of those people have been rescued. and they say most drivers did not heed warnings to stay off the roads. hurricane force winds and heavy snow knocked out power to about 650,000 customers across nine states. in some places, including parts of new york and massachusetts, electricity has already been restored to a few thousand lucky households and businesses. other states, maine and new jersey among them, have seen their outage numbers actually climb in the past two hours. one power company official did have some good news for 100 or so customers in the dark in upstate new york. >> we do have staffing levels that we expect that most customers will be restored within 24 hours from the time they report their outage. >> and you can bet those customers are going to hold him to his word. airlines at jfk international and laguardia expected to resume passenger flights as early as this hour. but the flights are still being
6:14 am
canceled so far today in some areas. we've got about 1,750 flights that have been canceled. that, according to flight aware track i tracking. boston's logan airport closed at least until 3:00 eastern and no flights until tomorrow. and then bradley airport in connecticut remains closed as well. some other news this morning and the big announcement by aol. they announce d an increase in revenues for the fourth quarter. why is that big? it's the first overall growth in eight years for aol. they say an increase in ad sales is responsible for the uptick. in less than two hours from now, michelle obama will attend today's funeral for 15-year-old hadiya pendleton. that's the chicago honor student and band majorette, gunned down just a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. police told our affiliates that pendleton had no gang affiliation and likely was not even intended as the target. a report from chicago coming up later this morning. wikileaks founder julian
6:15 am
assange has weighed in on the drone debate, slamming the u.s. government saying it has the right to kill u.s. citizens who are perceived to be, quote, imminent terror threats. food inspectors and retailers try to deal with this bizarre discovery of horse meat. i said horse meat in beef products across europe. billions of pounds of processed beef products have been pulled off shelves from the uk to france. uk environment secretary says evidence suggests, quote, criminal activity or gross negligence. besides the blizzard we're also following another story for you. massive manhunt is under way for a former company accused of killing three people. police want to stop him before he strikes again. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪
6:16 am
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6:19 am
nobody is going anywhere except on foot. and look at that. the cars are almost buried completely. good luck getting out of that snow drift if you're heading out which, of course, you shouldn't be doing. again, look at boston under the snow. >> more on our other top story of the day. that's a hunt for a former cop now accused as a killer. christopher jordan dorner is accused of killing three people and wounding two others. he allegedly has a 40-person hit list all because he got fired from the lapd. i want t bring in former fbi assistant director and cnn contributor tom fuentes in vancouver, canada. tom, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, martin. >> snow conditions, we know, caused problems with the search yesterday. they had to scale it back overnight. essentially that means, i guess, dorner has a 12, 24-hour lead on police. how difficult does that make the search to find him? >> this is already extremely difficult. in fact, probably one of the most difficult fugitive searches i've seen in a long time because of several factors.
6:20 am
number one, you can have still urban search and urban combat situation. 40 people on the hit list all still have to be protected. he could show up at any one of their residences or places of work and attack them. now you have this mountain fugitive search and the hunters are also the hunted. so as they're doing these searches and they're encountering abandoned or closed cabins up in the mountains, they have to wonder whether he's in one of them or he has set up a massive ambush for them. as the officers -- if you're just looking for a lost person, a tourist that got lost in the mountains, that's one thing. you would expect the person to want to be found, want to be rescued. here is a situation where he may want to be found with the intent of killing the people that find him. this is as dangerous and difficult as it could be, even without the snow in the mountains and the darkness right now and the inability to put aircraft in the air at the moment. all those factors combined make
6:21 am
this extremely lethal for the police officers involved. >> in other words, he may be trying to lure the very people in that we think are searching for him are actually targets in his mind? >> it could be. i think that's the -- you know, in reading the manifesto, and in some of the other statements, he indicates he thinks he has nothing more to live for. he thinks his life has been taken away and now he's going to take it away from others who, in his mind, are law enforcement officers or families of law enforcement, as we've already seen. so that makes it much more dangerous. it's not only suicide by cop but suicide with an ex-cop of police officers. so you have a very difficult and unusual situation where somebody has publicly stated i'm after the police and their families and has already done it. it's not an idle threat. he has already killed three people. and maybe more that we don't know of. that's the other factor. if somebody is residing in a
6:22 am
remote home or cabin somewhere in that mountainous area or anywhere for that matter, he could invade, kill them, set up shop until the police come find him. >> former assistant director of the fbi, tom fuentes, a contributor to cnn. thanks, tom, for joining us this morning. despite that intense search, christopher dorner, as you heard, remains free. investigators are focusing their efforts now, as he said, in the mountains above east los angeles. taken at a police academy shooting range during his time as a cadet, here is this video. >> reporter: christopher dorner, lapd cadet in 2005. what do you think, watching this, considering what's happened? >> well, he is an expert in weapons, definitely. he is definitely dangerous. >> this man spent months with dorner at the lap d-training
6:23 am
academy. we are altering his voice and not showing his face because he fear that is dorner will go after his police friends but he wants the public to see this so that police understand what the lapd is facing. >> you look at chris, you can see he's a little bit of an expert, the way he -- watch disarms, shoots, almost no movement, pop, nothing. >> he stood out. >> he stood out. he knew what he was doing. lapd will be going after one of their own, former. he knows -- like i said, he knows what he's doing. he knows how to use everything. >> being a cop, do you think that it was -- could you tell that it was important to him? >> yeah. i think it was very important to him. yeah. >> you could see it? >> yeah. >> even during the training? >> right. i think this is a 300-pound dummy and he does that easily. >> easily. this is 300 pounds? >> 300 pounds. >> this is a very strong man? >> right. >> not everything was easy for dorner, the aspiring police officer.
6:24 am
this man said he witnessed drill instructors picking on him for his weight and slow running. >> when i hear about how angry he is about the lapd, i think that fits to my experience with him -- that matches up when he says things about lapd, it matches up to the way i think he got his experience through the lapd, especially the academy. >> this man never spoke to dorner, but he never forgot the cadet. >> your thought was this man represents power and strength? >> exactly. i wanted to show, when i was going to use it, i wanted to put music and show the lapd is powerful. look at this powerful man handling this gun. >> to think that the lapd is now facing this man? >> yeah, yeah. this guy is no joke. >> one police are taking very seriously. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. we continue to follow the blizzard and the manhunt, both stories, after this. anyone have occasional constipation,
6:25 am
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live look from new york central park, where a blizzard has just delightfully decorated a gazebo. moving on now to weather news. a little over two hours from now, michelle obama will attend a funeral for 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, the chicago honor student, a band majorette, gunned down just a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. cnn's ath eeathena jones has be covering this story for us. she had no gang affiliation and likely was not even the intended target, right? >> reporter: that's right, martin. it is a tragic situation. unfortunately, it's quite common or not uncommon enough in cities like chicago and other big cities across the country. folks here are already arriving here to start the visitation services, to pay their respects.
6:29 am
the funeral service gets under way a few hours from now. the first lady, michelle obama, is coming. she says that she was heartbroken to hear of the death of hadiya pendleton and her office says she wans to come, offer her condolences here and support pendleton's family and friends because this was a tragic shooting. she was only 15 years old and was not the intended target, caught in some sort of crossfire, a bystander. and so it's a tragic situation. people are here, out to pay their respects. this is something that has become symbolic, of course, for this debate over gun violence and how to reduce it. martin? >> is the first lady expected to speak or is she simply going to attend? >> reporter: we understand she's not going to be speaking. we expect her to arrive just before the services begin. we don't expect her to arrive much earlier. she's going to be here to pay her respects, to offer condolences, but not making any

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